Podcast by Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws


Title Date published
Episode 249: You Take What Toes You Can Get 2017-07-07
Episode 248: Bill Somewhat American Johnston 2017-06-30
Episode 247: So Fair It Shines as a Marketing Quote 2017-06-23
Special Dire Announcement: The Yellow King Roleplaying Game is Now on Kickstarter 2017-06-22
Episode 246: A Number of Anonymous Grand-Dukes 2017-06-16
Episode 245: Floaty McBeercan 2017-06-09
Episode 244: You Have to Sit in the Jar 2017-06-02
Episode 243: I Do Not Wish to Be a Moth Hat 2017-05-26
Episode 242: Brain Out 2017-05-19
Episode 241: New Hampshire’s Second Most Famous Notch 2017-05-12
Episode 240: Bush Bachelor 2017-05-05
Episode 239: Mom, He’s Touching My Answer 2017-04-28
Episode 238: The Titular Goat in This Reenactment 2017-04-21
Episode 237: You Can’t Be a Martyr and Have It Coming 2017-04-14
Episode 236: Not on the Front Page of the Literature 2017-04-07
Episode 235: He-Man’s Woman Hating Civilization 2017-03-31
Episode 234: I Barely Killed Anybody 2017-03-24
Episode 233: It’s Peter Framptons All the Way Down 2017-03-17
Episode 232: Cat Hamlet Half-Elf Robot 2017-03-10
Episode 231: Please Compensate For Our Brutal Incompetence 2017-03-03

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