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Title Date published
Critical Hit #487: The Twilight Guardian (VS-S06-E41) 2019-01-19
Critical Hit #486: The Bleak Forest (VS-S06-E40) 2019-01-12
Critical Hit #485: Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves (VS-S06-E39) 2019-01-05
Top Five Dragons 2018-12-14
Legion Clubhouse #43: Black Day for the Legion! 2019-01-04
Critical Hit #484: Rebuilding and Healing (VS-S06-E38) 2018-12-28
Critical Hit #483: A Hunting We Will Go (VS-S06-E37) 2018-12-21
Critical Hit #482: Good News, Bad News (VS-S06-E36) 2018-12-15
Critical Hit #481: The Power of the Runes (VS-S06-E35) 2018-12-08
Critical Hit #480: Herman Munster Warned Us (VS-S06-E34) 2018-12-01
Critical Hit #479: What a Wreck (VS-S06-E33) 2018-11-17
Critical Hit #478: E=MC+2 to Hit (VS-S06-E32) 2018-11-10
Critical Hit #477: A Prayer for Ulridan (VS-S06-E31) 2018-11-03
Critical Hit #476: Defying Gravity (VS-S06-E30) 2018-10-27
Critical Hit #475: The Thousand Hectare Armory (VS-S06-E29) 2018-10-19
Critical Hit #474: Message Received (VS-S06-E28) 2018-10-13
Critical Hit #473: Are We Dead Yet? (VS-S06-E27) 2018-10-05
Critical Hit #472: It All Goes According to Plan... (VS-S06-E26) 2018-09-29
Critical Hit #471: The Pool of Deadly Ambition (VS-S06-E25) 2018-09-22
Critical Hit #470: Trying To Get a Head in the World (VS-S06-E24) 2018-09-14

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