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Title Date published
The Inauguration of Donald Trump 2017-01-21
Obama's Final Press Conference; Senate Hearings Continue 2017-01-19
Trump's Poll Numbers Low; Stress of Foreign Leaders High 2017-01-18
Announcing a live show! 2017-01-13
Trump's Press Conference, Tillerson's Hearing 2017-01-12
Obama's Farewell, Russian Intel Reports, Senate Hearings 2017-01-11
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, January 5 2017-01-05
Quick Take: Congress Convenes, GOP Drops Ethics Plan 2017-01-04
Weekly Roundup: Wednesday, December 28 2016-12-29
Weekly Roundup: Wednesday, December 21 2016-12-21
Listener Mail: Monday, December 19 2016-12-19
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, December 15 2016-12-16
Donald Trump and Russia 2016-12-12
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, December 8 2016-12-09
Covering 2016 As A Muslim 2016-12-07
Weekly Roundup: Live In Cambridge 2016-12-02
Monday, November 28 2016-11-28
Announcing a Live Show! 2016-11-24
Weekly Roundup: Tuesday, November 22 2016-11-22
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, November 17 2016-11-18

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