From Batman to Wolverine to the Avengers and everything in between, a panel of comic book experts discuss the latest news in the world of superheroes. They debate all the movies coming to theaters, the shows on TV, all the comic-books heading to a store near you and answer the fans Twitter questions with a fresh and honest take on it all.


Title Date published
Disney+ is Here and ‘The Batman’ Adds Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell and Jayme Lawson - Heroes 2019-11-12
Giant-Sized Heroes #27 - BATMAN CASTS COLIN FARRELL AND ANDY SERKIS? Joker to pass a billion (and sequel posters), Deadpool 2 almost had Thing, Felicity back on Arrow and more! 2019-11-07
Spider-Verse-2! Ant-Man 3! AND a Green Lantern Series on HBO Max! - Heroes 2019-11-05
gen:LOCK Co-Writer Jackson Lanzing on the Comic Book Series and Star Trek 2019-11-01
Giant-Sized Heroes #26 - Happy Halloween: Someone's Going as Max Lord! Wonder Woman 1984, How You Know Watchmen is Watchmen, and Why Viola Davis Makes Everything Worth It! 2019-10-30
Superman & Lois TV Show Announced! Who Will Win Superhero Streaming Wars? - Heroes 2019-10-29
Giant-Sized Heroes #25 - Bloodshot gets a Trailer! Venom gets a Naomie Harris as Shriek! Joker gets ALL the money! And Netflix gets a Bone adaptation! 2019-10-23
Watchmen, Batwoman Debut, Arrow and The Flash Return and Paul Dano is The Riddler - Heroes 2019-10-22
Kirk Scroggs on The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid and Positive Monster Influences 2019-10-18
Giant-Sized Heroes #24 - A Disney+ Avalanche, Updates from a Crisis, Upcoming Adaptations, a Possible Venom Villain, Return of the Bestellers and more! 2019-10-16
Catwoman is Zoe Kravitz, Kevin Feige Named Marvel CCO and Joker Spoiler Review - Heroes 2019-10-15
Giant-Sized Heroes #23: New Creative Teams on Mega Marvel Books! Batwoman Debuts Strong! Joker sequel possibilities! #SaveDaredevil and more! 2019-10-09
Joker Review and Box Office Success; NYCC 2019 Wrap Up with Michele Boyd - Heroes 2019-10-08
Giant-Sized Heroes #22: James Gunn Calls for Fandom Peace, King’s Man New Trailer, and Which Way Forward for Marvel TV? 2019-10-02
Spider-Man Swings Back to the MCU, Brandon Routh is Superman Again! - Heroes 2019-10-01
Giant-Sized Heroes #21: Watchmen & MCU Disney Plus quotes have us hyped, Joker tracking over Venom, and Batman day gives us tons of BatNews! 2019-09-26
The Batman: Could Jonah Hill Be Playing Riddler…or Calendar Man? - Heroes 2019-09-24
Giant-Sized Heroes #20: Could Tony Stark Pop Back Up in the MCU (and Should He?), Saturn & Ignatz Awards Results, the New Watchmen Trailer and More! 2019-09-19
New Birds of Prey Poster and Suicide Squad Updates! - Heroes 2019-09-17
Giant-Sized Heroes #19: Door closed on Spider-Man in the MCU, Robert Pattinson talks Batman and our Giant Size HOX POX deep dive! 2019-09-11

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