From Batman to Wolverine to the Avengers and everything in between, a panel of comic book experts discuss the latest news in the world of superheroes. They debate all the movies coming to theaters, the shows on TV, all the comic-books heading to a store near you and answer the fans Twitter questions with a fresh and honest take on it all.


Title Date published
New Birds of Prey Poster and Suicide Squad Updates! - Heroes 2019-09-17
Giant-Sized Heroes #19: Door closed on Spider-Man in the MCU, Robert Pattinson talks Batman and our Giant Size HOX POX deep dive! 2019-09-11
BONUS - We’re Alive: Goldrush Trailer 2019-09-10
Hailee Steinfeld Rumored for Kate Bishop; Joker Wins Golden Lion Award - Heroes 2019-09-09
Giant-Sized Heroes #18: Taika Waititi Signs Up for the Suicide Squad, Woody Harrelson is Still Bringing the Carnage to Venom 2, Spawn Hits 300 Issues and more! 2019-09-04
Joker Receives a Standing O; Watchmen Release Date Announced - Heroes 2019-09-03
Giant-Size Heroes #17: MCU Adds More Phase 4 to Disney+, Joker Marketing Kickoff, James Gunn's Suicide Squad Casting Continues 2019-08-28
D23 Mega Wrap Up featuring Moon Knight and Spider-Man Fall Out - Heroes 2019-08-27
Giant-Sized Heroes #16: MCU Spider-Man No More?! + TV News Roundup, Sony Buys Insomniac Games, and the World's Most Famous Monkey 2019-08-21
Birds of Prey Welcomes Chad Stahelski to Beef Up the Action - Heroes 2019-08-20
Giant-Sized Heroes #15: Kevin Feige talks Iron Man’s death and the Infinity Saga box set, we get a look at Fox’s Skrulls, pre-viz for Kane in Deadpool, and the Box Art for Spider-Man Far From Home 2019-08-15
Lord and Miller Reveal More Details About Spider-Verse TV Series - Heroes 2019-08-13
Giant-Sized Heroes #14: A New Marvel Show for ABC? Wild Guessing Time! Beginnings and Endings for Comic Book TV, with Looks at Stumptown & Titans! Plus Gemma Chan On Board for the Eternals, New Gods Movie Updates & More! 2019-08-07
Andy Serkis Directing Venom 2; Kevin Conroy is Batman in the Arrowverse! - Heroes 2019-08-06
’Pennyworth’s Jack Bannon and Ben Aldridge Talk the Alfred and Thomas Wayne Relationship 2019-08-02
Giant-Sized Heroes #13: Avengers Writers Markus and McFeely Talk Superman, X-Men and Silver Surfer! The Boys and Pennyworth both debut! As Far From Home passes a BILLION and more!! 2019-08-01
The Joker in Venice! Ryan Reynolds Reveals Deadpool in Phase 5? - Heroes 2019-07-30
‘The Boys’ Writer Darick Robertson Talks the Gritty Truth About Superheroes 2019-07-26
Giant-Size Heroes #12: San Diego Comic-Con Wrap-Up! 2019-07-24
Marvel Phase 4 Announcements Tear the Roof Off of Comic Con - Heroes 2019-07-23

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