From Batman to Wolverine to the Avengers and everything in between, a panel of comic book experts discuss the latest news in the world of superheroes. They debate all the movies coming to theaters, the shows on TV, all the comic-books heading to a store near you and answer the fans Twitter questions with a fresh and honest take on it all.


Title Date published
Falcon and Bucky TV Series; Daredevil’s Deborah Ann Woll Interview 2018-10-30
Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date Pushed; Will It Rule the Summer? 2018-10-24
James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2: What Will Be His “New Take”? 2018-10-17
Daredevil Season 3 Non-Spoiler Review 2018-10-17
James Gunn for Suicide Squad 2; Venom Delivers at the Box Office 2018-10-10
Venom Movie Spoiler Review 2018-10-04
Fox Offers Updates on Dark Phoenix and New Mutants; Spider-Man’s Yuri Lowenthal Stops By 2018-10-02
Will the Joker Movie and Birds of Prey Signal a New Direction for DC? 2018-09-26
Captain Marvel Trailer Offers an Otherworldly MCU Origin Story; Interview with Tara Strong 2018-09-19
Is Henry Cavill Really Out as Superman? 2018-09-11
Captain Marvel Images; Bordertown’s Eric M. Esquivel Interview 2018-09-05
Aquaman Test Screenings Show Smooth Sailing for the Film 2018-08-28
Deadpool 2 Commentary (Super Duper Cut) 2018-08-21
Avengers: Infinity War Commentary 2018-08-20
Is Tom Cruise the Right Choice for Green Lantern? 2018-08-20
Sony SpiderVerse Splits Up Movies and Changes Direction 2018-08-15
DC Movie and TV News Explosion; Interview With the Runaways’ Ryan Sands 2018-08-07
Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Makes a Stand Against Disney 2018-07-30
Remembering Jon Schnepp 2018-07-23
Birds of Prey Character Lineup Confirmed; Fan Twitter Questions 2018-07-18

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