Whether its terrorists, anarchists, cyber criminals or nation states, America has a target on its back. WTOP National Security Correspondent J.J. Green investigates the threats facing the U.S., the people behind them, the agencies fighting them and their impact on Americans. 906895


Title Date published
Target USA — Episode 121: Former DNI James Clapper discusses new book and ‘truth’ about Russia’s meddling in 2016 election 2018-06-13
Target USA — Episode 120 | Rethinking the illnesses of US diplomats in Havana: A new theory 2018-06-06
Target USA — Episode 119: Lithuanian foreign minister warns the West to stand up to Russia 2018-05-30
Target USA — Episode 118: The Cipher Brief 2018-05-23
Target USA -- Episode 117: US-Pakistan relations hit a rough patch 2018-05-16
Target USA -- Episode 116 | Trump meets Kim: Planning the US-North Korea summit 2018-05-09
Target USA -- Episode 115: Deepening distrust between US and Russia 2018-05-02
Target USA -- Episode 114: Former CIA officer John Sipher discusses Russian spy strength in the US 2018-04-25
Target USA -- Episode 113: Europol executive director warns cyber enabled terror attacks are coming 2018-04-18
Target USA -- Episode 112: Should the US investigate suspicious Russia-linked deaths? 2018-04-11
Target USA -- Episode 111: Britain and the US target Russia over poisoning and other attacks 2018-04-04
Target USA -- Episode 110: American businessman Bill Browder says the Kremlin is trying to kill him, too 2018-03-28
Target USA -- Episode 109: Poisoning of former double agent in Britain triggers new Cold War 2018-03-21
Target USA -- Episode 108: The next generation of terrorism, it's coming. So, how is the State Department preparing? 2018-03-14
Target USA -- Episode 107: 25 years after the first World Trade Center attack, why soft targets are still a problem? 2018-03-07
Target USA -- Episode 106: Putin's motivation for election meddling 2018-02-28
Target USA -- Episode 105 | Russian election interference: Version 2018 2018-02-21
Target USA -- Episode 104: Former CIA director Mike Hayden takes us inside the Russian threat to the US 2018-02-14
Target USA -- Episode 103: Interview with David Pekoske, administrator of the TSA 2018-02-07
Target USA -- Episode 102: North Korea's Olympic motives spark suspicion 2018-02-01

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