Whether its terrorists, anarchists, cyber criminals or nation states, America has a target on its back. WTOP National Security Correspondent J.J. Green investigates the threats facing the U.S., the people behind them, the agencies fighting them and their impact on Americans. 906895


Title Date published
Target USA -- Episode 101 | 'Thrilling and terrifying': Part 2 of interview with former CIA officer Mark Kelton 2018-01-25
Target USA -- Episode 100: 'Thrilling and terrifying' 2018-01-18
Target USA -- Episode 99: Russian agents still meddling in US affairs 2018-01-11
Target USA -- Episode 98: The consequences of Trump's Pakistan 'lying and deceit' tweets 2018-01-04
Episode 97: 2017 in review 2017-12-28
Episode 96: Top TSA officials lose sleep, but gain ground as terrorists plot new attacks 2017-12-20
Episode 95: New York Port Authority Suicide Bomber & US Intelligence Community's Crown Jewel 2017-12-13
Target USA -- Episode 94: North Korea marches closer to closer to nuclear weapons 2017-12-07
Target USA -- Episode 93: Kirkuk, Iraq is the scene of yet another human catastrophe 2017-11-30
Target USA -- Episode 92: NSA still battling to regain its edge years after the Snowden leaks 2017-11-23

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