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Title Date published
S3E8 – Dying Daily? Prove or Already Approved? Spiritual Zombies, Lack Attacks & Much More (feat. Ted Nelson) 2020-12-25
S3E7 – Journey out of Legalism, Addicted to Grace, Strategic Church Planting, 1 John 1:9 in Context & More (feat. Brad Robertson) 2020-12-07
S3E6 – Getting Personal, Covid & Institutional Church, Christ is our Life & Much More 2020-11-16
S3E5 – Is it the 10 or the 613, Sin Management Failures, Who or What is the WORD, Clash of the Covenants Book & Possible New Book? (feat. Mike Kapler) 2020-10-08
S3E4 – Personal Grace Journey, Dirty Rotten Sinner Complex, We Sin Just Fine WIthout a License & More (feat. Jeremy White) 2020-08-18
S3E3 – The Elect, The Other Half of the Gospel, God’s Will, Context of Scripture (feat. Larry Eiss) 2020-07-29
S3E2 – Covid-19, The Book of James & Are We Supposed to be Mimes? (feat. Matt McMillen) 2020-04-18
S3E1 – Christ is our LIFE (feat. Frank Friedmann) 2020-04-04
S2E20 – Grace Testimonials 2020-03-16
S2E19 – Most Popular Segments of Jesus Unfiltered Podcast 2020-02-04
S2E18 – John Lynch Speaks, Christ In Us, Being Vulnerable & Much More (feat. John Lynch) 2020-01-10
S2E17 – His Love To Us and Through Us Book, The Trap of Legalism, Giving People a Safe Place To Not Be Rejected, Grace Attackers, People’s Opinion of You, Dancing & Much More! (feat. Jeremiah Johnson) 2019-12-30
S2E16 – Breaking The Hex Book & Much More (feat. Jeff & Roger Fields) 2019-12-03
S2E15 – Politics, Religious Self Improvement, Lies of Religion, Fly Fishing & More! (feat. Ralph Harris) 2019-11-03
S2E14 – Growing In Grace Podcast, Cancel Culture, 10 Commandments & Much More (feat. Joel Brueseke) 2019-10-25
S2E13 – Is Church a Building or People, What is the context for Repent, Amazing Encouragement & Much More (feat. Matt McMillen) 2019-10-12
S2E12 – Reframation Book, Burning Man, Camino de Santiago & Much More (feat. Alan Hirsch & Mark Nelson) 2019-10-06
S2E11 – Perfect & Forgiven Book, Encouragement for Mental Health Struggles & Much More! (feat. Zach Maldonado) 2019-09-27
S2E10 – They’ve Seen The Church Live The American Dream and Fail, Five Fold Ministry, Good News from Jesus & Much More (Part 2 feat. Peyton Jones) 2019-09-17
S2E9 – Ninja Planting, The Difference Between Starting & Planting Churches, Amazing Transformation Stories & Much More in Part 1 (feat. Peyton Jones) 2019-09-01

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