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Title Date published
Furiously beating bat hearts, giant migrating wombats, and puzzling out preprint publishing 2017-09-28
Cosmic rays from beyond our galaxy, sleeping jellyfish, and counting a language’s words for colors 2017-09-21
Cargo-sorting molecular robots, humans as the ultimate fire starters, and molecular modeling with quantum computers 2017-09-14
Taking climate science to court, sailing with cylinders, and solar cooling 2017-09-07
Mysteriously male crocodiles, the future of negotiating AIs, and atomic bonding between the United States and China 2017-08-31
What hunter-gatherer gut microbiomes have that we don’t, and breaking the emoji code 2017-08-24
A jump in rates of knee arthritis, a brief history of eclipse science, and bands and beats in the atmosphere of brown dwarfs 2017-08-17
Coddled puppies don’t do as well in school, some trees make their own rain, and the Americas were probably first populated by ancient mariners 2017-08-10
The biology of color, a database of industrial espionage, and a link between prions and diabetes 2017-08-03
DNA and proteins from ancient books, music made from data, and the keys to poverty traps 2017-07-27
Paying cash for carbon, making dogs friendly, and destroying all life on Earth 2017-07-20
Still-living dinosaurs, the world’s first enzymes, and thwarting early adopters in tech 2017-07-13
Odorless calories for weight loss, building artificial intelligence researchers can trust, and can oily birds fly? 2017-07-06
A Stone Age skull cult, rogue Parkinson’s proteins in the gut, and controversial pesticides linked to bee deaths 2017-06-29
Why eggs have such weird shapes, doubly domesticated cats, and science balloons on the rise 2017-06-22
Slowly retiring chimps, tanning at the cellular level, and plumbing magma’s secrets 2017-06-15
How to weigh a star—with a little help from Einstein, toxic ‘selfish genes,’ and the world’s oldest Homo sapiens fossils 2017-06-08
A new taste for the tongue, ancient DNA from Egyptian mummies, and early evidence for dog breeding 2017-06-01
How whales got so big, sperm in space, and a first look at Jupiter’s poles 2017-05-25
Preventing augmented-reality overload, fixing bone with tiny bubbles, and studying human migrations 2017-05-18

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