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Title Date published
Hoosier Sound-Off: Recruiting, Injuries, and Previews 2018-11-16
A Big Week for Indiana Basketball [062] 2018-11-14
Hoosier Sound-Off: A Successful Weekend for Multiple Indiana Sports 2018-11-12
Hoosier Sound-Off: Basketball, Football, and Soccer Updates 2018-11-09
Chicago State and a B1G Preview [061] 2018-11-07
Hoosier Sound-Off: Basketball Media and Baseball Updates 2018-11-06
Hoosier Sound-Off: Pro Hoosiers and Men's Soccer 2018-11-05
Predicting Each IUBB Game 2018-2019 [060] 2018-10-31
Make-or-Break Week for Indiana Football [059] 2018-10-24
Having Fun with IUBB Lineup Projections [058] 2018-10-17
Special Guest: Ohio State Recap and Iowa Preview with Galen Clavio [057] 2018-10-10
Hoosier Hysteria and Rutgers Recap, and Ohio State Preview [056] 2018-10-03
MSU Recap, Hoosier Hysteria, and Rutgers Preview [055] 2018-09-26
Ball State Recap and MSU Preview [054] 2018-09-19
UVA Recap, Ball State Preview, and Armann Franklin [053] 2018-09-12
FIU Recap and UVA Preview [052] 2018-09-05
B1G Football Preview and an FIU Preview [051] 2018-08-29
Predicting Each IUFB Game and IUBB Schedule [050] 2018-08-22
NCAA Rule Changes and Post-July Recruiting Updates [049] 2018-08-15
IUFB Media Day and the Sophomore Class [048] 2018-08-08

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