We are the official podcast of IndianaHQ. Our mission and goal is simple: we want to bring in-depth analysis and coverage for Indiana University sports to as many fans as possible across a multitude of modern platforms. "The Hoosier Sound" was founded in 2017 by Noah Freeman and Matt Lukens who had a passion for all IU sports. The guys wanted to give listeners analysis of programs such as Indiana basketball, Indiana football, Indiana soccer, Indiana women's basketball, Indiana baseball, Indiana swim and dive, and more. We also do a daily IU sports news roundup called "Hoosier Sound-Off."


Title Date published
The State of Indiana [088] 2019-05-15
HSO: Baseball Wins Against Big Ten Leaders 2019-05-13
Schedule News and Indiana Mr./Miss Basketball [087] 2019-05-08
HSO: Women’s Basketball Add Another Recruit 2019-05-06
Offseason Cheers! [086] 2019-05-01
HSO: Wes Martin Selected in the NFL Draft 2019-04-29
Recruiting Updates and Draft Talk [085] 2019-04-24
HSO: Dominant Week for Women’s Sports 2019-04-22
Joey Brunk, Spring Football, and More [084] 2019-04-17
HSO: 2019 Cream & Crimson Game 2019-04-15
Offseason Wishlist and Bob Knight [083] 2019-04-10
HSO: Coach Knight Returns 2019-04-08
HSO: National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame 2019-04-05
All Things Romeo Langford [082] 2019-04-03
HSO: Men’s Swim and Dive Championship 2019-04-01
HSO: Spring Program Updates 2019-03-29
End of Season #119 [081] 2019-03-28
HSO: Championship Weekend 2019-03-25
HSO: Tournament Season 2019-03-22
Brackets, NIT, and More [080] 2019-03-21

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