We are the official podcast of IndianaHQ. Our mission and goal is simple: we want to bring in-depth analysis and coverage for Indiana University sports to as many fans as possible across a multitude of modern platforms. "The Hoosier Sound" was founded in 2017 by Noah Freeman and Matt Lukens who had a passion for all IU sports. The guys wanted to give listeners analysis of programs such as Indiana basketball, Indiana football, Indiana soccer, Indiana women's basketball, Indiana baseball, Indiana swim and dive, and more. We also do a daily IU sports news roundup called "Hoosier Sound-Off."


Title Date published
HSO: Hoosiers in the Super Bowl 2019-02-01
Where to Go from Here [073] 2019-01-30
HSO: Swim and Dive Dominate Purdue 2019-01-28
HSO: Latest National Title 2019-01-25
Interview with India Franklin [072] 2019-01-23
HSO: Special Announcement and Previews 2019-01-21
HSO: IUMS to the MLS 2019-01-18
Make Indiana Win Again [071] 2019-01-16
HSO: MLS Draft and Opening of Wilkinson Hall 2019-01-14
HSO: Freddie McSwain Jr. to NBL of Canada 2019-01-11
Positive Takeaways from Michigan [070] 2019-01-09
HSO: Gutman Wins NCAA MVP 2019-01-07
HSO: January Basketball Kicks-Off 2019-01-04
Looking at the January Gauntlet [069] 2019-01-02
HSO: Weekend Victories 2018-12-31
HSO: The Start of Conference Play 2018-12-28
Holiday Reader Mailbag [068] 2018-12-26
HSO: Accolades and Early Signing Period 2018-12-21
Butler and Hoosiers in the Pros [067] 2018-12-19
HSO: Big Hoosier Win at Crossroads Classic 2018-12-17

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