The Living in Las Vegas Podcast gives an entertaining first-person look into what it’s like to call Sin City your home.


Title Date published
Pick Your Poison No. 08: Vegas’ Best Local’s Casino, New Years Eve Location, Free Parking on Strip – LiLV #317 {audio} 2017-12-06
“Best” of Vegas?!? – LiLV #316 {audio} 2017-11-22
Our Fans Take Over: Live Chat and Listener Email – LiLV #315 {audio} 2017-11-08
My Favorite Secrets of Las Vegas – LiLV #314 {audio} 2017-10-18
A Discussion About Safety in Las Vegas – LiLV #313 {audio} 2017-10-04
The Five Best Restaurants In Las Vegas You’ve Never Heard Of (but Should Visit Immediately) – LiLV #312 {audio} 2017-09-20
Behind the Scenes: Scott’s Interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal – LiLV #311 {audio} 2017-09-06
McGregor vs Mayweather: Who Will Win? – LiLV SHORT {Audio} 2017-08-23
Psychic Friend Scott Predicts the Future of Las Vegas – LiLV #310 {audio} 2017-08-16
Email-O-Rama: Scott and Wayne Answer Your Las Vegas Questions – LiLV #309 {audio} 2017-08-02
The Truth About Dating in Las Vegas – LiLV #308 {audio} 2017-07-19
Facts About Legalized Marijuana in Las Vegas – LiLV #307 {audio} 2017-07-06
The Best Pool Cabanas in Las Vegas – LiLV #306 {audio} 2017-06-21
Facts and Myths About the Las Vegas Economy – LiLV #305 {audio} 2017-06-07
Live Chat Takes Over: No Topic is Off Limit – LiLV #304 {audio} 2017-05-17
Pick Your Poison No. 07: Vegas’ Best Mexican Restaurant, Surprisingly Good Place, Slot Machine – LiLV #303 {audio} 2017-05-03
What the Raiders Must do to Move to Vegas – LiLV #302 {audio} 2017-04-19
Insight into Las Vegas’ Median Household Income (You’ll Be Surprised) – LiLV #301 {audio} 2017-04-05
Vegas Lies and How to Spot Them – LiLV #300 {audio} 2017-03-01
Getting Caught Up: Live Chat and Listener Email – LiLV #299 {audio} 2017-02-15

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