The weekly podcast covering everything sports in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio! Hosted by Lee W. Mowen.


Title Date published
Tom Nichols Interview 2018-09-24
John "B-Man" Beaulieu Interview 2018-09-17
Doug Gray Interview 2018-09-10
Margarett Perry and Brian Dysktra of "Banned From Baseball" Interview 2018-09-04
Justin Kinner and Mark Schlemmer Interview 2018-08-27
"The Guide to Catching Football - 2018 Edition" 2018-08-20
"Cheer For Your Sport (In The OHSAA)" 2018-08-15
The eSports Episode 2018-08-13
Jack Pohl and Neil "Hutch" Konerman Interview 2018-08-08
"The Sun Sets on Summer (Sports)" 2018-07-30
Jesus Jimenez Interview 2018-07-24
"The One Year Anniversary Show" 2018-07-22
"Millennial Mayhem Madness!" 2018-07-18
The 50th Episode 2018-07-18
"Battle of the Sexes" 2018-07-18
"Loyalty of the Highest Regard" 2018-07-18
The Sports Gambling in Ohio Episode 2018-07-18
Michael Hirn Interview 2018-07-18
"Career Day...or Week" 2018-07-18
"Just Heating Up Summer" 2018-07-18

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