Mr. Silverstein is a student at Cornell University majoring in Government and Economics. He will discuss macroeconomic issues, politics, and more. Expect prominent guests and important conversations.


Title Date published
Interview w/ Jennifer Kabbany, The College Fix Editor 2021-12-20
Binghamton University Student Alleges USA/Pro-Police Masks Were Stolen From Mail 2020-09-12
POWER GRAB: Northeastern University Dismisses 11 Students and Keeps $36,500 Tuition Fees w/ Brett Joshpe Esq 2020-09-09
NYC needs change & 2020 election 2020-08-22
NYC in Decline w/ Alex Garrett 2020-08-12
Why I Do Not Support Black Lives Matter 2020-07-31
A Conversation w/ Michael Johns 2020-07-29
Fordham University Targets Austin Tong w/ Brett Joshpe Esquire 2020-07-28
NYC Politics & the Church of Hagia Sophia w/ Andrea Catsimatidis 2020-07-24
THE GREAT DEBATE w/ John Cucuzza 2020-07-21
Coffee Hour with Gov Cuomo, Ilhan Omar Laughs at Al Queda, Biden Would Destroy America 2020-07-18
Broome County, Binghamton University, and Black Lives Matter w/ Michael Vasquez 2020-07-17
U.S.-China Relations w/ Roland Molina 2020-07-14
Soos v. Cuomo w/ Alex Fumelli Esq. 2020-07-11
Charter Schools, Marxism, and Ilhan Omar w/ Congressional Candidate Lacy Johnson 2020-07-10
Bonus #1 2020-07-08
Chaos in New York, with Peter Giunta 2020-07-07
The Joe Silverstein Podcast (Trailer) 2020-06-23

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