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Title Date published
EXCLUSIVE JUDGE JOE BROWN Talks 2020 elections!! Trump vs Biden!! 2020-10-29
Republican Mario takes on Democrat Ray 2020-10-25
Heated debate(I) with Attorney Gavin Richard and Democrat Ray from D.C!!! 2020-10-19
Attorney Gavin Richards (I) and 24 year Retired Navy Vet Craig Ball (D) discuss politics... 2020-10-14
Callers discuss the Trump Biden debate!! 2020-10-02
Special Guest Bernard Johnson aka King BJ talks Donald Trump and 2020 elections and LGBTQ ! 2020-09-30
3 guest get into a Heated Debate over Breanna Taylor and 2020 elections and more 2020-09-26
Special guest Mario debates BLM member Monica about Breanna Taylor Case 2020-09-24
Guest Cody and Isaac chime in on politics 2020-09-24
Special guest Mario talks about Breanna Taylor case and Decision and 2020 elections!! 2020-09-24
RBG Dies at age 87 & the Left is going crazy!!!! 2020-09-22
Caller is a Biden supporter 2020-09-18
Kamala ...A False Black Icon & the power of the 20th Amendment!! 2020-09-18
Callers debate 2020 elections.. BLM. Covid19 and much more!!!!! 2020-09-17
Callers debate over 2020 elections and more 2020-09-16
2020 Election prediction .. BLM 2020-09-15
Lancaster shooting 2020-09-15
(San Antonio politics). Converse City Council Dana Losey 2020-09-15
Rochester NY riots 2020-09-13
Candace Owens Drags Cardi B 2020-09-12

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