5-Minute Videos are the flagship viral product that put PragerU on the map. They take the best ideas from the best minds and distill them into five focused minutes. Listen to hundreds of 5-Minute Videos to get reliable, truthful information about politics, economics, history, and America. These educational, entertaining videos, which are Judeo-Christian at their core and promote the values of liberty, economic freedom, and limited government, have been changing the hearts and minds of millions of young people for over a decade.


Title Date published
America Must Be Colorblind 2024-04-08
Woodrow Wilson: World War I and the League of Nations 2024-04-01
Woodrow Wilson: The Founder of Big Government 2024-04-01
Do We Have Health Care or Sick Care? 2024-03-25
Arabs and Israelis: Finding Common Ground 2024-03-18
Should America Defend Taiwan? 2024-03-11
A Moral Case for Capitalism 2024-03-04
What's Wrong with Censorship? 2024-02-26
William McKinley: The Man Who Could’ve Been on Rushmore 2024-02-19
Theodore Roosevelt: City Slicker to Cowboy President 2024-02-19
Theodore Roosevelt: The Action Hero President 2024-02-19
William Howard Taft: The Really Big President 2024-02-19
The Beginning of Wisdom 2024-02-12
The Real Victims of Affirmative Action 2024-02-05
Benjamin Harrison: One Term Wonder 2024-01-29
Grover Cleveland: The 22nd and 24th President 2024-01-29
Chester Alan Arthur: The President Who Didn't Want to Be President 2024-01-29
James A. Garfield: The Great President Who Never Was 2024-01-29
What Was the Holocaust? 2024-01-22
Why the Gilded Age Was Golden 2024-01-08

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