[Formerly The Art of Paid Traffic] Are you an online expert working toward the 6 or 7-figure mark in your business? Welcome to your one-stop-shop for practical tips, mindsets, actionable strategies, detailed case studies and everything else you need to build an online business and a life that lights you up. Whether you’re ready to increase your profit through Facebook and Instagram ads or you’re looking to find and focus on the CEO activities that’ll make the most meaningful difference in your business — you’re in the right place. Host Rick Mulready is an online business coach, ads expert and lifestyle entrepreneur sharing his path to building a million dollar business as an online expert and course creator. His specialty? Breaking complex overwhelm-inducing ideas and strategies into bite sized easy to understand pieces. His not-so-secret superpower? Teaching simplified Facebook and Instagram ad strategies you can use to create a foundation for more freedom, leads, and sales in your business. Ready for more income AND impact? Discover why The Art of Online Business has over 4.5 million downloads from ambitious online experts committed to creating profitable and purposeful businesses!


Title Date published
Quick Tip: 5 Ways to Get Students to Complete Your Course 2021-04-09
How to Confidently Build & Lead a Small Team w/ Tianna Tye 2021-04-07
Quick Tip: Making Sense of Facebook's New 8 Conversion Event Limit 2021-04-02
Behind the Scenes: My Newly Redesigned RickMulready.com with Elizabeth McCravy 2021-03-31
Quick Tip: Are You Solving the Wrong “Problem” In Your Webinar Funnel? 2021-03-26
From Resistant to Hiring to WHO CAN I HIRE NEXT?! w/ Stephanie DeLussey 2021-03-24
Quick Tip: Working Harder & Longer Isn’t the Answer 2021-03-19
How to Create Financial Freedom & Fulfillment w/ John Lee Dumas 2021-03-17
Quick Tip: 3 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader 2021-03-12
A Counterintuitive Approach to Hiring Your Support Team with Erika Macauley 2021-03-10
Quick Tip: What Grade School Taught Me About Standing Out Online 2021-03-05
The Switch: How I Became Strategic and Intentional With My Messaging & Content 2021-03-03
Quick Tip: Why Your "Ideal Customer Avatar" Is Broken 2021-02-26
How to Sell More Without Even Selling with Brandon Lucero (Part II) 2021-02-24
Quick Tip: Testing Facebook Ads On the Cheap 2021-02-19
How to Create Messaging That Stands Out with Brandon Lucero (Part I) 2021-02-17
Quick Tip: 3 Content Ideas for Creating Pre-Launch Buzz 2021-02-12
Apple's iOS Privacy Updates and Your Ads: What You Need to Know 2021-02-10
Quick Tip: Revenue Generating Activities (In 3 Hours/Day) 2021-02-05
"Best of": How She Did It - How to Sell $100K WITHOUT Ads, w/ Nicole Burke 2021-02-03

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