Journalists Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal scour the internet for its craziest, silliest, most sociopathic content, part of an obsessive and ill-conceived attempt to extract kernels of meaning and humanity from a landscape of endless raging dumpster fires. <br/><br/><a href=""></a>


Title Date published
Premium: Peach Mom&#8217;s Original Sin 2022-08-11
Premium: Who Is Ana Mardoll? What Is Kiwi Farms? Are We In Hell? 2022-08-06
Episode 126: Helen Lewis And The Stonewall Conspiracy 2022-08-05
Episode 125: Tarpley's Hitt Job Reveals The Sad State Of Gawker 2.0 And We Remember The Railroading Of Andy Signore 2022-07-30
Premium: Blocked and Reported Presents CAREN 2022-07-30
Episode 124: Karlyn Borysenko Will Have Her Revenge On New Hampshire 2022-07-22
Premium: The Guns Problem Is Getting So Bad That Even Unarmed People Have Them Now 2022-07-21
Episode 123: A "Fake" Story Turns Out To Be Real And A "Real" Story Turns Out To Be (Mostly) Fake 2022-07-16
Episode 122: Enjoy Your Death Trap, Ladies! 2022-07-09
Premium: Heart of Whiteness 2022-07-07
Episode 121: Kevin Kruse And Rebekah Jones Are The Heroes And/Or Villains A Divided America Needs 2022-07-02
Premium: Canceled At 17 (Some Teenager) And Canceled At 76 (Donald Trump) 2022-06-30
Episode 120: The NYT Enters The Youth Gender Fray And Philadelphia's Mina's World Coffee Shop Melts Down Spectacularly 2022-06-24
If Matt Walsh Can Pants You This Easily, It Might Be Time To Buy A Belt 2022-06-21
Episode 119: Live From The Heterodox Academy Conference In Denver 2022-06-18
Episode 118: Every Podcaster is Bi. You Just Have To Figure Out If It's Polar Or Sexual 2022-06-11
Episode 117: Let's Talk About Depp-Heard Reactions And Left-Wing Evolution Denialism 2022-06-04
Premium: Enby, See? 2022-06-01
Episode 116: Commonsense Mouth-Noise And Monkeypox Reform 2022-05-28
Premium: Nick Fuentes' Supporters Stand Accused Of Liking Girls, Which Would Be Gay 2022-05-26

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