Journalists Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal scour the internet for its craziest, silliest, most sociopathic content, part of an obsessive and ill-conceived attempt to extract kernels of meaning and humanity from a landscape of endless raging dumpster fires. <br/><br/><a href=""></a>


Title Date published
Premium: We Answer Your Questions About Our Favorite Adversaries, Fat Acceptance, And Other Subjects 2022-02-24
Episode 103: Truckers, Perverts, And San Franciscans 2022-02-19
Premium: The Shape Rotators And The Wordcels Are Still Going At It 2022-02-16
Episode 102: Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Keep On Trucking 2022-02-13
Premium: Oh What A Tangled Web We Knit 2022-02-11
Episode 101: Should Joe Rogan And/Or Critical Race Theory Be Deplatformed And/Or Executed? 2022-02-05
Episode 100: The Wrath At Khan 2022-01-29
Premium: So About That Mass Grave... 2022-01-26
Episode 99: How Slate Became An Embarrassing Basket-Case Shell Of Its Former Self (With Mike Pesca) 2022-01-21
Premium: Is The Conversation On Youth Gender Transition Becoming Saner? And Why Is Moose Such A Pervert? 2022-01-20
Episode 98: On Hereticon, Michael Tracey's Egregious Crimes Against K-Pop, And NPR's Manufactured Racism Issues 2022-01-15
Episode 97: Alberto Gullaba Jr. Thought He Might Be Headed For Literary Stardom &#8212; Then His Agent Found Out His Race 2022-01-09
Premium: On Whose Petard Was Lindsay Ellis Hoisted? 2022-01-07
Premium: Let's Talk About This Dude's Penis 2021-12-29
Episode 96: Just Enough Fresh Content That It's Not *Technically* A Clip Show Under U.S. Podcasting Law 2021-12-24
Episode 95: Allegedly Anti-Semitic Mukbang, The Latest J.K. Rowling Freakout, And The Fuzzy Science Of Masks 2021-12-18
Premium: If You Build It (A Little Free Library), They (White People) Will Come 2021-12-16
Episode 94: If You Troll Into The Abyss, The Abyss Trolls Also Into You 2021-12-11
Episode 93: It's Crazy We Have To Do A Debunking Episode About The Jacob Blake Shooting In December 2021 And Yet Here We Are 2021-12-04
Premium: This Eichenwald Story Is Eichenweird 2021-12-02

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