The Voices of Wrestling Flagship podcast features light-hearted and passionate discussion, analysis and reviews of professional wrestling from across the world including New Japan Pro Wrestling, WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor and more.


Title Date published
VOW Flagship: G1 Finals, KENTA/Shibata & WWE SummerSlam Review 2019-08-15
VOW Flagship: TripleMania, G1 Climax Final Stretch, SummerSlam Weekend 2019-08-08
VOW Flagship: AEW TNT Debut, NJPW/ROH, TripleMania & more! 2019-08-03
VOW Flagship: Kobe World 2019, WWE vs. AEW & more! 2019-07-26
VOW Flagship: Fight for the Fallen, Extreme Rules, EVOLVE & more! 2019-07-20
VOW Flagship: G1 Opening Night, Extreme Rules, Fight for the Fallen & more! 2019-07-12
VOW Flagship: Fyter Fest, G1 Climax Preview, ROH BITW & more! 2019-07-04
VOW Flagship: Bischoff/Heyman, Fyter Fest, Stomping Grounds & more! 2019-06-28
VOW Flagship: G1 Climax Blocks, WWE Stomping Grounds & NOAH 2019-06-19
VOW Flagship: Dominion, KENTA, Dragon Gate & more! 2019-06-13
VOW Flagship: BOSJ Finals, Dominion, TakeOver XXV & Aoki 2019-06-07
VOW Flagship: Moxley on Talk is Jericho & AEW Double or Nothing 2019-06-01
VOW Flagship: AEW on TNT, Money in the Bank & BOSJ 2019-05-17
VOW Flagship: AEW TV, Magee/Hart, BOSJ, Dontaku, Dragon Gate & more! 2019-05-11
VOW Flagship: MOX, Lio Rush & Luke Harper, Champion Carnival & more! 2019-05-03
VOW Flagship: WWE Q1 & Ratings, NJPW, AEW Check-In & more! 2019-04-26
VOW Flagship: WrestleMania Weekend Review, G1 Supercard & WrestleMania 35 2019-04-12
WrestleMania Weekend 2019 Mega-Preview (Part 4) 2019-04-01
WrestleMania Weekend 2019 Mega-Preview (Part 3) 2019-04-01
WrestleMania Weekend 2019 Mega-Preview (Part 2) 2019-04-01

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