James Richardson and the Totally Football Show team are here twice a week to tell you everything you need to know about the Premier League and beyond for the 2018-19 season


Title Date published
Dismantling mythologies 
The circle of life 2018-08-13
It's good to be back 2018-08-08
The ballad of Carlos Kaiser 2018-07-24
La fin 2018-07-15
Tools, moustaches and thermal exhaust ports 2018-07-12
Wrest from a particularly pleasant dream 2018-07-12
Today's the day 2018-07-10
Liquid history 2018-07-07
A wall of hair 2018-07-06
Proper naughty 2018-07-03
Vertical doping 2018-07-02
A godless wasteland 2018-07-01
The GOAT cull 2018-06-30
Chekhov’s yellow card 2018-06-28
This is not a drill 2018-06-27
All the world's a stage 2018-06-26
Salty affairs and an element of chaos 2018-06-25
A false dichotomy 2018-06-24
Saved blushes and a massive rampart 2018-06-23

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