Join James Richardson, a few familiar friends and some new voices too as they take you through all the twists and turns of the 2017-18 football season in the Premier League and around Europe


Title Date published
A serene still lake and a Ukrainian travelogue 2018-05-21
A life between the sticks - David Preece with Tony Coton 2018-05-18
Welbeck or bust, Melchester Rovers, and paging Jody Morris 2018-05-17
Bad lieutenants, Ugly Town and extra swazz 2018-05-14
Ini Kamoze, piranhas and a bee without honey 2018-05-10
Introducing: We Came to Win - The Rise and Fall of Diego Maradona 2018-05-08
The soft middle and the flabby bottom 2018-05-07
Fundamental shifts and problematic number twos 2018-05-03
Good eggs, girth and brains 2018-04-30
Dangerous margins and culinary napalm 2018-04-26
Sleeping with one eye open and the Proudsville sausage 2018-04-23
Wenger (over and) Out 2018-04-20
Pressed plants, Danny Dyer and striped snakeheads 2018-04-19
The secret of success, John Betjeman and Girls Aloud 2018-04-16
Karma, perfection and a commemorative gold pen 2018-04-12
BONUS: 'Roma Nel Mito' 2018-04-12
Bubble baths, Bo Selecta and the brow 2018-04-09
Gentleman Ray and A Picture of Dorian Gray 2018-04-05
Pardew the discarded, Lamela the b*stard and Zlatan the great 2018-04-02
Wrwgwai, foul thobes and nightclubbing in Stoke 2018-03-29

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