James Richardson and the Totally Football Show team are here twice a week to tell you everything you need to know about the Premier League and beyond for the 2018-19 season


Title Date published
The last hurrah? 2019-02-21
A canary in the coal mine 2019-02-18
Left for dust 2019-02-14
Awkward 2019-02-11
Shape damage 2019-02-07
Pigs’ ears and divinity 2019-02-04
The art of the (transfer) deal 2019-02-01
Sarcastic spit 2019-01-31
Running diagonally 2019-01-28
Transporter bridges and the Whyteleafe curse 2019-01-24
Get a room
Fresh trousers 2019-01-17
Quiet. Too quiet 2019-01-14
Medium rare 2019-01-10
Failing upwards 2019-01-07
Interspecies romance 2019-01-04
Old Norse 2018-12-31
Rogue One 2018-12-28
A Roy of the Rovers special! 2018-12-24
A soothing balm 2018-12-20

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