Backstage Journal Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by musician and YouTuber Rhett Shull. Each episode features a different guest and focuses on open discussion ranging from life as a working musician to starting and growing your own YouTube channel to turning your creative passion into your full time career.


Title Date published
Guitar Legend Tom Bukovac On Making It In Nashville & on YouTube 2020-07-30
The Story Of Novo Guitars With Matthew Timmons 2020-07-22
Josh Scott Talks Pedal History, The "Boutique" Thing and The Benefits Of Coconut Water 2020-07-15
Convincing My Wife That I Need An Ibanez JEM 2020-07-06
Joey Landreth On Touring, Playing & Making Your Own Way In Music 2020-07-01
WE'RE BACK! Restarting Old Projects & Kicking Off New Ones 2020-06-24
How Tom Quayle Became One Of The BEST Guitarists On The Internet 2020-04-01
Adam Neely On The Music We Love And Hate 2020-03-25
How Is COVID-19 Affecting Musicians? 2020-03-18
Talking To John Mayer's Guitar Teacher, Tomo Fujita 2020-02-26
Playing Stadiums to Producing Albums, Kenny Greenberg Is A Guitar Hero 2020-02-19
Brett Papa Is The Coolest Guy On The Internet 2020-02-12
Mark Agnesi On The Past, Present & Future Of Gibson Guitars 2020-02-05
Playing Guitar For Some Of Music's Biggest Stars | Rod Castro 2020-01-29
The End Of Season 1 and When Should You Go Pro? 2019-12-04
Study & Practice, The Key To Everything with Rick Beato 2019-11-27
Dave Onorato Is My Guitar Sensei 2019-11-19
Live From The Tour Van 2: Life On The Road 2019-11-13
Let's Talk Gear! Your Questions My Answers 2019-10-30
100,000 Subscribers & Looking Back At My Biggest Tour Yet 2019-10-23

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