Backstage Journal Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by musician and YouTuber Rhett Shull. Each episode features a different guest and focuses on open discussion ranging from life as a working musician to starting and growing your own YouTube channel to turning your creative passion into your full time career.


Title Date published
Preparing For The Biggest Tour Of My Life (so far) 2019-09-25
Bass Playing For Guitarists & Why You Might Not Need Music School with Philip Conrad 2019-09-18
Song Writing, Guitars and Cycling with Mary Spender 2019-09-11
Making The Move To Nashville with Ross Campbell 2019-09-04
Loud Amps, Les Pauls and Nashville Guitar Stores with Mythos Pedals 2019-08-21
Three Notes That Changed Zapata's Life Forever 2019-08-14
How Jessy Wilson Made Her Own Way In Music 2019-08-07
Your Questions, Our Answers with Rhett and Tilly 2019-07-24
Dennis Fano Master Guitar Builder & Designer 2019-07-10
Our Best And Worst Shows with Noah Guthrie & Good Trouble 2019-07-04
How To Be A Pro Musician with RJ Ronquillo 2019-06-19
Guitar Hunting With Jeremy Sheppard 2019-06-12
Working 4000 Miles Apart with Mary Spender 2019-05-28
Married To A Musician, Tilly Shull 2019-05-22
Episode 1: LA Session Guitar Legend, Tim Pierce 2019-05-14

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