Backstage Journal Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by musician and YouTuber Rhett Shull. Each episode features a different guest and focuses on open discussion ranging from life as a working musician to starting and growing your own YouTube channel to turning your creative passion into your full time career.


Title Date published
The End Of Season 1 and When Should You Go Pro? 2019-12-04
Study & Practice, The Key To Everything with Rick Beato 2019-11-27
Dave Onorato Is My Guitar Sensei 2019-11-19
Live From The Tour Van 2: Life On The Road 2019-11-13
Let's Talk Gear! Your Questions My Answers 2019-10-30
100,000 Subscribers & Looking Back At My Biggest Tour Yet 2019-10-23
Preparing For The Biggest Tour Of My Life (so far) 2019-09-25
Bass Playing For Guitarists & Why You Might Not Need Music School with Philip Conrad 2019-09-18
Song Writing, Guitars and Cycling with Mary Spender 2019-09-11
Making The Move To Nashville with Ross Campbell 2019-09-04
Loud Amps, Les Pauls and Nashville Guitar Stores with Mythos Pedals 2019-08-21
Three Notes That Changed Zapata's Life Forever 2019-08-14
How Jessy Wilson Made Her Own Way In Music 2019-08-07
Your Questions, Our Answers with Rhett and Tilly 2019-07-24
Dennis Fano Master Guitar Builder & Designer 2019-07-10
Our Best And Worst Shows with Noah Guthrie & Good Trouble 2019-07-04
How To Be A Pro Musician with RJ Ronquillo 2019-06-19
Guitar Hunting With Jeremy Sheppard 2019-06-12
Working 4000 Miles Apart with Mary Spender 2019-05-28
Married To A Musician, Tilly Shull 2019-05-22

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