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Title Date published
St Patrick's Day MP3 Special #16: McCabes, Black 47, Jonathan Ramsey 2006-03-17
Irish & Celtic Music #15: North Texas Irish Festival Wrap Up, Part 2 2006-03-16
Irish & Celtic Music #14: North Texas Irish Festival Wrap Up, Part 1 2006-03-12
Irish & Celtic Music #13: Karen Mal, Fardaxu, Seamus Kennedy 2006-03-03
Irish & Celtic Music #12: Trinity River Whalers, Barleyjuice, The Killdares 2006-02-26
Irish & Celtic Music #11: Ceann, The Jolly Rogues, The Black Irish 2006-02-10
Irish & Celtic Music #10: Blaggards, Highland Reign, The Patched Hats 2006-01-19
How Old Is Your Cat Really? #7 2006-01-17
Irish & Celtic Music #9: Tears for Beers, Stonering, Don Grieve 2005-12-30
Irish & Celtic Music #8: Flook, The Barley Boys, Pol Mac Adaim 2005-12-16
Irish & Celtic Music #7: Sarah Dinan, The Tea Merchants, 3 Pints Gone 2005-12-04
Indie Celtic Music #6: Moch Pryderi, Enter the Haggis, Eric Benson, 3 Pints Gone, Patched Hats, Ali Benson 2005-11-27
Irish Celtic Music #5: Rise, MacTalla Mor, Cady Finlayson, Paisley Close 2005-11-08
Irish Music Podcast #4 2005-09-21
Irish Music Podcast #3 - Barley Boys, Contea, Queen's Gambit, Highland Fling, Michael Murphy, Amadan, Bow Triplets, Stone Ring 2005-08-26
Irish Music Podcast #2 2005-08-16
Irish Music Podcast #1 2005-07-28

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