A podcast by three red-headed fantasy authors talking about everything from academic mythology to dick jokes (and sometimes, both at once), as well as the role of fanfiction as an integral yet oft-overlooked part of the literary conversation and in the broader cultural context. It is, obviously, a podcast of extremely deep literary merit.


Title Date published
Episode 16: A Bump in the Night, and Not the Sexy Kind 2018-08-29
Episode 15: My (Psychic, Firebreathing) Little Pony 2018-08-15
Episode 14: Once Upon a Something 2018-08-01
Episode 13: Machiavellian Overthinkers 2018-07-18
Episode 12: Yes, It Goes On and On, My Friends 2018-07-04
Episode 11: It's All About the Money, Money, Money 2018-06-20
Episode 10: Extravaganza 2018-06-06
Episode 9: Like Rome, But With Lasers 2018-05-23
Episode 8: Once More, With Feelings! 2018-05-09
Episode 7: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells the Story 2018-04-25
Episode 6: Cross Your Stars and Hope to Bi 2018-04-11
Episode 5: O Captain, My Captain 2018-03-28
Episode 4: The Bastard's Lying to You! 2018-03-14
Episode 3: Apocalypse Sometime, Maybe Next Tuesday 2018-02-28
Episode 2: Personality Taxonomies and Shouting about Hogwarts Houses 2018-02-14
Episode 1: False Utopias and... Robot Sex?? 2018-01-31

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