Brain Science was launched in 2006 by Dr. Ginger Campbell, an experienced emergency physician with a passion for exploring how recent discoveries in neuroscience are revealing how our brains make us who we are. This podcast is for non-scientists, scientists, and everyone in between. We interview scientists and discuss the latest books about the brain. Monthy episodes resume in June 2017, but all episodes posted since January 2013 are available for FREE in iTunes. Please visit our website for more episodes and transcripts.


Title Date published
BS 182 Iris Berent author of "The Blind Storyteller" 2021-03-26
BS 181 Sir Simon Baron-Cohen 2021-02-26
BS 180 E Bruce Goldstein 2021-01-22
BS 179 14th Annual Review Episode 2020-12-25
BS 178 Peter Sterling 2020-11-27
BS 177 Bernard Baars with David Edelman 2020-10-23
BS 176 Seth Grant on Synapse Complexity 2020-09-25
BS 175 Carol Tavris explains Cognitive Dissonance 2020-08-28
BS 174 Georg Northoff, author of "The Spontaneous Brain" 2020-07-24
BS 173 Exploring the Unconscious Origins Of Certainty 2020-06-26
BS 172 "The Brain from the Inside Out" with György Buzsáki 2020-05-22
BS 171 Matthew Cobb, author of "The Idea of the Brain" 2020-04-24
BS 170 Numbers in the Brain with Andreas Nieder 2020-03-27
BS 169 Glial Cells with Doug Fields (Encore) 2020-03-13
BS168 Cecilia Heyes author of "Cognitive Gadgets: The Cultural Evolution of Thinking" 2020-02-28
BS 167 Stanislas Dehaene explores "How We Learn" 2020-02-14
BS 166: Stephen Macknik talks about Vision Research 2020-01-24
BS 165: Magic as a Tool for Understanding the Brain 2020-01-10
Brain Science 2020 (Trailer) 2020-01-03
BS 164 Thirteenth Annual Review Episode 2019-12-20

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