Business & Biceps is a podcast for entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be better. It is not for the faint of heart. Though you may not always like what you hear, it is the truth. We provide direct, off the cuff advice and life stories that will benefit anyone looking to become better at what they do. Hosted by two serial entrepreneurs who have experienced incredible highs and brutal lows, Cory Gregory & John Fosco. We take you through the process of identifying and applying the building blocks of what it takes to become a better and more effective person. Business & Biceps is a podcast that stands out from the crowd.


Title Date published
It's Ok To Be Vulnerable - EP. 50 2020-06-05
Get More Outta Yourself - Ep. 49 2020-06-02
New Perspective On Mistakes 2020-06-01
What’s Your Reward System? - Ep. 48 2020-05-29
WTF Are We Talking About 2020-05-28
United or Divided - Ep. 3 2020-05-27
Don’t Forget What We Learned - Ep. 47 2020-05-26
WTF Q&A 2020-05-25
Quit Locking in THE LOSS - Ep. 46 2020-05-24
Don’t Let Others Steal Your Dreams - Ep. 45 2020-05-22
100% STOCK MARKET TALK 2020-05-21
United or Divided - Ep. 2 2020-05-20
Post Quarantine Goals - Ep. 44 2020-05-19
Q&A - How Has Entrepreneurship Changed 2020-05-18
Reebok Pumps - Cigar Stories - Ep. 43 2020-05-16
Believe, Action & Expectation - Ep. 42 2020-05-15
The Importance of Leverage 2020-05-14
NEW SHOW: "United or Divided" Ep. 1 2020-05-13
People Will Steal Your Time - Ep. 41 2020-05-12

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