Bi-weekly narratives on the unsolved and the unexplained, mysteries, historical true crime, touches of the paranormal and cultural peculiarities.


Title Date published
Joseph Vacher: The French Ripper 2020-02-23
The Mad Gasser of Mattoon 2020-02-09
Scratching Fanny & The Cock Lane Haunting 2020-01-26
The Death of George Bodle & The Birth of Forensic Toxicology 2020-01-12
Christmas Campfire Episode 2019 2019-12-24
Season 3 Finale Bonus 2019-11-25
The Yatton Demoniac: George Lukins 2019-11-10
The Sarah Duckett Ghost Mystery & Other Stories 2019-10-27
Sadamichi Hirasawa & The Teigin Incident 2019-10-13
Graham Young: The Tea Boy 2019-09-29
Harry price & The Séance of Rosalie 2019-09-15
Death Raft: The Wreck of The Medusa 2019-09-01
James Dunham & The McGlincy Murders 2019-08-18
William Cragh: The Not So Hanged Man 2019-08-04
Lost & Found: The Mysterious case of Pauline Picard 2019-07-21
Belle Gunness: Lady Bluebeard & The Murder Farm 2019-07-07
The Dodleston Messages: Ghost in the Machine 2019-06-23
The Curious Case of Not Townsend 2019-06-09
Detective Whicher & The Road Hill House Mystery 2019-05-26
Terror in Gévaudan: The Beast 2019-05-12

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