Joe Stocker, CEO of a Microsoft Consulting company, mentors his friend Larry on his journey to a career in Cybersecurity. Larry is currently seeking an entry level role in security - he can be reached on LinkedIN here:


Title Date published
Episode 9 - Interview with Information Security leader Bob Schlotfelt 2020-06-28
Episode 8 - Building a cybersecurity lab with Metasploit 2020-05-25
Episode 7 - Why is Linux the operating system of choice for Hackers? 2020-05-25
Episode 6 - From the Marine Corps to Cybersecurity 2020-01-25
Episode 5 - How to setup a cybersecurity Lab? 2020-01-19
Episode 4 - How secure is Apple iCloud? 2020-01-19
Episode 3 - How Joe got into Cybersecurity 2020-01-19
Episode 2 - Cybersecurity Career Options 2020-01-18
Episode 1 - Larry's Journey into a Cybersecurity career 2020-01-18

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