I'm Jennifer Carole and I am the Lawyer's Daughter. My dad (a lawyer) and my stepmom were murdered in March 1980 in Ventura, California. Through cold case detective work and DNA, our crime was linked to the notorious Golden State Killer. The pod includes real-time reporting and memories. I'll podcast during his preliminary trial in May 2020. It's just me so I'll be using a live, radio-style of podcasting. Feedback always welcome! PS: the blog is LawyersDaughter.com.


Title Date published
Mar 7, 2020 | Now | Motion to Collect Five Buccal Swabs of DeAngelo's DNA 2020-03-07
Mar 6, 2020 | Now | Not All Victims Are Treated Equally 2020-03-07
Mar 5, 2020 | Now | DeAngelo Wants to Plea 2020-03-06
Legacy Podcast | Aug 23, 2018 Court Date 2018-09-12
Legacy Podcast | My Visit With a Medium 2018-09-10
Legacy Podcast | In the News on March 17, 1980 2018-07-29
Legacy Podcast | Seeing DeAngelo For The First Time 2018-07-29
Legacy Podcast | Preparing To See DeAngelo For The First Time 2018-07-29
Legacy Podcast | The Arrest 2018-07-24
Legacy Podcast | The Murders 2018-07-21

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