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Title Date published
Step Out of Your Boat, Part 1: Step Out of Your Boat 2020-07-05
Stay Positive, Part 6: Ending the Scarcity Cycle 2020-06-28
Stay Positive, Part 5: Get Your Passion Back 2020-06-21
God, Help Us Unite, Part 2: Stop the Division 2020-06-14
God, Help Us Unite, Part 1: God, Help Us Unite 2020-06-07
Stay Positive, Part 4: 100 Reasons to Be Encouraged 2020-05-31
Stay Positive, Part 3: 3 Truths to Build Your Confidence 2020-05-24
Stay Positive, Part 2: The Cure for Complaining 2020-05-17
Stay Positive, Part 1: Enough of the Bad News 2020-05-10
There Is a Reason, Part 3: Stop Comparing Your Calling 2020-05-02
There Is a Reason, Part 2: Find Your Why 2020-04-25
There Is a Reason, Part 1: There’s Purpose in Your Pain 2020-04-18
Easter 2020, Part 1: When Life Feels Out of Control 2020-04-10
Not Afraid, Part 4: When Anxiety Attacks 2020-04-04
Not Afraid, Part 3: When You Feel Anxious, Alone, and Afraid 2020-03-29
Not Afraid, Part 2: Hope Is Contagious 2020-03-21
Not Afraid, Part 1: Not Afraid 2020-03-14
First Things First, Part 2: The Principles of Multiplication 2020-03-08
First Things First, Part 1: The Principle of First 2020-03-01
Dangerous Prayers, Part 3: Break My Heart 2020-02-23

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