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Title Date published
When God Doesn’t Make Sense, Part 1: When God Seems Inattentive 2015-12-05
Because of You, Part 1: Because of You 2015-11-28
The Time Is Now, Part 3: The Blessings of Obedience 2015-11-21
The Time Is Now, Part 2: Persevering Through Discouragement 2015-11-14
The Time Is Now, Part 1: The Hard Right 2015-11-07
Punchline, Part 1: Punchline 2015-10-31
#Struggles, Part 1: #Struggles 2015-10-24
Labels, Part 1: Labels 2015-09-06
A Way Out, Part 4: Feed Your Spirit 2015-08-29
A Way Out, Part 3: Living By The Spirit 2015-08-22
A Way Out, Part 2: Fighting Temptation 2015-08-15
A Way Out, Part 1: Always A Way Out 2015-08-08
Man in the Mirror, Part 2: Embracing God’s Love 2015-06-06
Man in the Mirror, Part 1: The Love of God 2015-05-30
Pray, Part 4: How Do I Know What’s Best? 2015-05-23
Pray, Part 3: Unity 2015-05-16
Pray, Part 2: Active In Sharing Your Faith 2015-05-09
Pray, Part 1: Strengthened With Power 2015-05-02
I Deserve It, Part 4: I Deserve To Be Counted Out, But He Gave Me Another Chance 2015-04-27
I Deserve It, Part 3: I Deserve Rejection, But He Gave Me Acceptance 2015-04-26

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