Each week on the Life.Church podcast, you’ll hear teaching from senior pastor Craig Groeschel or a Life.Church pastor. Get practical, relevant, biblical perspectives on topics that matter to you. Visit us at www.life.church or download the Life.Church app.


Title Date published
Chasing Carrots, Part 1: Fame 2019-04-28
Things Jesus Never Said, Part 4: You Get What You Deserve 2019-04-21
Things Jesus Never Said, Part 3: You Won’t Have Bad Days 2019-04-14
Things Jesus Never Said, Part 2: Go Do What Makes You Happy 2019-04-07
Things Jesus Never Said, Part 1: You Don’t Need to Forgive Them 2019-03-31
Face the Giant, Part 2: Facing Your Giants 2019-03-24
Face the Giant, Part 1: Dealing with Doubt 2019-03-17
Watch Where You Sit, Part 1: Watch Where You Sit 2019-03-10
Relationship Goals, Part 4: Covenant Keeping 2019-03-03
Relationship Goals, Part 3: Devil Kicking 2019-02-24
Relationship Goals, Part 2: Mission Driven 2019-02-17
Relationship Goals, Part 1: Christ Centered 2019-02-10
Blind Bartimaeus, Part 1: Blind Bartimaeus 2019-01-27
Habits, Part 3: Stopping 2019-01-20
Habits, Part 2: Starting 2019-01-13
Habits, Part 1: Who Before Do 2019-01-06
Travel Light, Part 5: Letting Go of Your Past 2018-12-30
Travel Light, Part 4: Letting Go of Control 2018-12-23
Travel Light, Part 3: Letting Go of Bitterness 2018-12-16
Travel Light, Part 2: Letting Go of Distractions 2018-12-09

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