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Title Date published
I Want to Believe, But..., Part 4: Heartless God 2017-01-29
I Want to Believe, But..., Part 3: Goosebumps God 2017-01-22
I Want to Believe, But..., Part 2: Killjoy God 2017-01-15
I Want to Believe, But..., Part 1: On-Demand God 2017-01-08
Words to Live By, Part 1: Words to Live By 2017-01-01
Christmas 2016, Part 1: Change of Plans 2016-12-25
Ghosts of Christmas Past, Part 3: Labels 2016-12-18
Ghosts of Christmas Past, Part 2: Shame 2016-12-11
Ghosts of Christmas Past, Part 1: Overcoming Offenses 2016-12-04
Church Is ..., Part 1: Church Is ... 2016-11-26
Under God?, Part 4: Grace and Truth 2016-11-20
Under God?, Part 3: Indivisible 2016-11-13
Under God?, Part 2: Under God 2016-11-06
Under God?, Part 1: One Nation 2016-10-30
Let Us, Part 3: Come Boldly to The Throne 2016-10-23
Let Us, Part 2: Hold Firmly to What We Believe 2016-10-16
Let Us, Part 1: Enter a Special Rest 2016-10-09
Making Change, Part 4: Tomorrow Matters 2016-10-02
Making Change, Part 3: Giving Is Good 2016-09-25
Making Change, Part 2: Stress Is Bad 2016-09-18

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