DEAF FRIENDLY - A COMPLETE TRANSCRIPTION OF EACH EPISODE IS AVAILABLE IN THE SHOW NOTES, WHICH YOU CAN FIND ON Ann Théato, International Psychic Medium and Spiritual Tutor, investigates psychic development, mediumship techniques, and paranormal science, so that you can come to understand your own innate psychic ability and expand your knowledge, whilst learning to develop a curious mind. You are an energy of intelligence and great power, an infinite being, older than time. Mankind has used this intuitive sixth sense for centuries. It can be very difficult for those of us who wish to undergo training to develop our clairvoyance. In the Western World, even in this very modern 21st century, there are very few good teachers who uphold and advance psychic teaching. Ann has trained at some of the best psychic institutions in the world and with some of the best tutors and modern-day paranormal pioneers – Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Andy Byng, Lynne Probert, Natalie Walker, to name but a few. Listen to this show and you’ll not only learn how to develop your spiritual gifts from the comfort of your own home, but you’ll also investigate the teachings of experts across the globe and gain their wisdom, advice and spiritual wealth. A mix of interviews, step by step guides, unique teachings, special co-hosts and solo shows from Ann you are not going to want to miss. Hit subscribe and get ready to redefine the significance of living!


Title Date published
PM 018: Till Don't Us Part with Karen Frances McCarthy 2020-09-24
PM 017: The Power of Druidism & Shamanic Tree Healing 2020-09-10
PM 016: When Life Challenges Your Spiritual Path with Susan Hughes 2020-08-27
PM 015: Reinventing Modern Mediums with Mark The MidWest Medium 2020-08-13
PM 014: Food, Energy & Its Impact On Your Spirit 2020-07-30
PM 013: Arthur And Me with Ann Treherne 2020-07-16
PM 012: Your Story Is Your Power with Tyrone Cusack 2020-07-02
PM 011: The Psychic Toolbox - How To Use Hag Stones with Ann Théato 2020-06-18
PM 010: Mediumship - The Art Of Love with Bev Mann 2020-06-04
PM 009: Voice Of The Animal Kingdom with Mari Cartagenova 2020-05-21
PM 008: Shamanics - The Womb of Mediumship with Faye Harrison 2020-05-07
PM 007: Secrets Of The Spirit Realm with Chris Lippincott 2020-04-23
PM 006: The Demonstrating Medium with Larry Davids 2020-04-09
PM 005: Sitting In The Power 2020-03-26
PM 004: The Development Circle with Lesley Malone 2020-03-12
TRAILER: Psychic Matters 2020-02-20
PM 003: Where Can I Train to be a Psychic Medium? 2020-02-14
PM 002: Your Magnificent Soul 2020-02-14
PM 001: Becoming A Medium 2020-02-13

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