Have a passion for making documentary films? Want to learn how to best lead a documentary life? Join award-winning commercial and documentary filmmaker, Chris G. Parkhurst, and special industry guests as they candidly share their filmmaking stories, insights, and experiences, for all to learn how to best lead and live their own documentary dream lives.


Title Date published
All Good Things Must Come to An End 2020-10-02
Winning an Oscar for Your Documentary Film 2020-09-18
Cinematography in Documentary Film 2020-09-04
Reality Television and the Documentary Filmmaker 2020-08-21
Documentary Filmmaking During a Pandemic 2020-08-07
Race in the Documentary Filmmaking Community 2020-07-24
The Online Film Festival for the Documentary Filmmaker 2020-07-10
Spirituality in Documentary Filmmaking with Mickey Lemle 2020-06-26
Personal Trauma in Documentary Film with Sasha Joseph Neulinger 2020-06-12
Doc Filmmaking in the Mountains with Eric Becker 2020-05-29
YouTube For the Documentary Filmmaker with David Hoffman 2020-05-15
Making the Sports Documentary with Gotham Chopra 2020-05-01
Documentary Film and the Music Composer with Nainita Desai 2020-04-17
Mental Health and the Documentary Filmmaker with Rebecca Day 2020-04-03
Finding Yingying with Jiayan Shi 2020-03-20
Fire in Paradise with Drea Cooper 2020-03-06
Documentary Film Promotions & Marketing with Jon Reiss 2020-02-21
First Time Doc Filmmaker Wins the Stanley Cup, with Joshua Riehl 2020-02-07
Film Travel Tips and Gear Insurance 2020-01-24
Your Breakthrough Year and #Doclifer, Josh Davidsburg 2020-01-10

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