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Title Date published
Norse Religious Rituals & Poetry with Dr. Simon Nygaard 2020-02-08
Announcing ''Victoria's World''! 2020-01-14
The Death of Baldr 2019-12-30
Viking Warrior Women with Dr. Leszek Gardeła 2019-12-17
Yule: The Norse Winter Holiday with Dr. Mathias Nordvig 2019-12-06
Havamal – Odin’s Words of Wisdom with Dr. Jackson Crawford 2019-11-29
Thingvellir and Viking Assembly Sites with Dr. Alexandra Sanmark 2019-10-16
The Old Norse Language with Dr. John Hines 2019-09-16
Why Did the Viking Age Begin? with History with Hilbert 2019-09-08
Announcing The Poetic Edda: A Study Guide 2019-09-02
Tolkien’s Old Norse Influences with Dr. Ármann Jakobsson 2019-08-26
Historical Worship of the Norse Gods with Dr. Terry Gunnell 2019-08-05
The Life & Legend of Ragnar Lothbrok with Dr. Elizabeth Ashman Rowe 2019-07-29
The Life & Work of Snorri Sturluson with Dr. Vésteinn Ólason 2019-07-08
An Introduction to the Old Norse Sagas with Dr. Jackson Crawford 2019-06-24
The Saga of Egill Skallagrímsson with Dr. Torfi Tulinius 2019-06-17
Old Norse Death Poetry with Dr. Mathias Nordvig 2019-06-10
The Danelaw with Dr. Jane Kershaw 2019-05-13
The Kalevala and European Mythologies with Northern Myths Podcast 2019-04-04
Laxdæla Saga: Origins of the Icelandic Sagas with Gísli Sigurðsson 2019-03-15

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