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Title Date published
IGN Presents | The Callisto Protocol: Helix Station 2022-11-04
Episode 64: Gears of War Creator Cliff Bleszinski 2022-11-01
Episode 63: Rick & Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland 2022-10-18
Episode 62: Halo Infinite Director Joseph Staten 2021-11-23
Episode 61: Bethesda's Todd Howard (2021 Interview) 2021-11-09
Episode 60: Elder Scrolls Online Boss Matt Firor 2021-06-15
Episode 59: Shadow Warrior 3 Game Director Kuba OpoĊ„ 2021-05-25
Episode 58: Game Industry Investigative Reporter Jason Schreier 2021-05-11
Episode 57: IO Interactive CEO and Co-Owner Hakan Abrak 2021-04-06
Episode 56: Six Days in Fallujah's Peter Tamte and Jaime Griesemer 2021-03-23
Episode 55: Aliens: Fireteam Leads Craig Zinkievich and Matt Highison 2021-03-16
Episode 54: Raven Software Cofounder Brian Raffel 2020-10-27
Episode 53: The Game Awards Host Geoff Keighley 2020-08-25
Episode 52: Jon Brooke and Lee Singleton (Outriders, Hitman Go, Sleeping Dogs) 2020-08-18
Episode 51: Max Schaefer and Matt Uelmen (Diablo 1, 2, and Torchlight) 2020-06-23
Episode 50: Marcus Lehto (Halo, Disintegration) 2020-05-12
Episode 49: Robin Walker and Chris Remo (Valve/Half-Life: Alyx) 2020-03-24
Episode 48: Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton (id Software/DOOM Eternal) 2020-02-19
Episode 47: Stig Asmussen (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, God of War trilogy) 2019-12-17
Episode 46: Phil Harrison (Sony, Xbox, Google) 2019-11-18

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