You want to be happy. So why are you leaving it up to chance? There exists a wealth of knowledge that can help you live a life that has more joy, satisfaction, and purpose—and help you share these gifts with others. Harvard professor, PhD social scientist, bestselling author, and columnist Arthur Brooks is your teacher on the art and science of living a better life. In each episode, you will hear about research in the worlds of science, philosophy, theology, art, and literature. Then, Arthur will tell you how to use the wisdom of the experts in your own life, starting today.


Title Date published
26. How to Change Your Mind with Adam Grant 2021-03-29
25. Overcoming a Fear of Failure 2021-03-15
24. Happiness through Voluntary Sacrifice 2021-03-01
23. An Epidemic of Loneliness 2021-02-15
22. Stoicism and Living a Balanced Life 2021-02-01
21. Sharing Happiness 2021-01-18
20. New Year’s Resolutions 2021-01-04
19. Learning to Love the Holidays 2020-12-21
18. Your Body, Your Health, and Your Happiness 2020-12-08
17. Life: Part 2 2020-11-24
16. Curbing Post-Election Suffering 2020-11-09
15. Politics and Unhappiness 2020-10-26
14. Happy Monkey 2020-10-12
13. Searching for Spirituality 2020-09-29
12. The Falling Tides of Life 2020-09-14
11. A Look into Your Future 2020-09-01
10. Overcoming the Success Addiction 2020-08-17
9. Managing Transitions in Life 2020-08-04
8. Curing the Epidemic of Fear 2020-07-20
7. The Good Side of Bad Feelings 2020-07-06

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