Scarlot Harlot coined the term "sex work" in the late 70s. Documenting the Bay Area's multicultural and sexually diverse political and artistic communities, Scarlot Harlot explores the Bay Area's historic cultural and artistic underground from an irreverent and intimate point of view. In a time when mainstream media has become a mouthpiece for corporate interests in America, Scarlot Harlot provides a fresh, irreverent perspective.


Title Date published
Sex Worker Fest 2007 Trailer 2007-08-21
Sunreich, Sunset Up: Anti-War Music Video 2007-08-07
Yeastie Girlz sing Put a Lid On it 2006-10-22
San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival Trailer 2005 2006-09-16
Safe Sex Slut Music Video 2006-09-15
Scarlot Harlot Interstate Solicitation Tour Pt1 2006-05-07
Mom says "Use a prophylcatic" 2006-04-27
Safe Sex Slut Music Video 2006-04-25
Scarlot Harlot Video Festival Titles 2006-04-23

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