If you’re addicted to Computer Hardware and technology, this podcast is for you. Hardware Addicts brings you the latest trends in tech along with brain filling tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your hardware. Join Ryan, Wendy, and Michael as we geek out on the physical technology that powers our addiction.


Title Date published
Episode 10: Hardware Addicts 10: Intel 10th Gen CPU's, Optane Power, How Camera Sensors Capture Color & More! 2020-05-22
Episode 9: Hardware Addicts 9: Apple iPhone 2nd Gen SE, Floating iPads, New Ryzen Build, Camera Sensors, & More! 2020-05-08
Episode 8: Hardware Addicts 8: ASUS Zephyrus G14 Laptop, AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile CPU's, Base & Boost Clock, Camera Corner & More! 2020-04-24
Episode 7: Hardware Addicts 7: Console Wars Xbox Series X vs Playstation 5, SSD For Gaming, Camera Corner & More 2020-04-10
Episode 6: Hardware Addicts 6: ARM Dominance, New 80 Core CPU, Camera Corner, Drones & Brain Fillers 2020-03-27
Episode 5: Hardware Addicts 5: Smartphone Standoff (S20 vs ROG II vs Xperia II), Camera Lenses, Noctua Cooler Envy 2020-03-13
Episode 4: Hardware Addicts 4: Intel Fires Back, Thermal Paste Maintenance & Camera Sensor Sizes 2020-02-28
Episode 3: Hardware Addicts 3: CPU Cooling Solutions Breakdown & Camera Tips for Beginners 2020-02-14
Episode 2: Hardware Addicts 2: Cloud Gaming Vs Bare Metal, Intel Icelake AI, Picking The Right Mouse 2020-01-31
Episode 1: CES 2020, Right to Repair, Do Nanometers Matter in CPUs? | Hardware Addicts 1 2020-01-17

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