Two professional quizmasters ask each other and guests their favorite questions of the week, while providing additional information and commentary. Learn interesting bits of trivia knowledge, discover what goes into crafting a good trivia question or team name, laugh at the hosts many moments of ignorance and pure stupidity and more on the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast! Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast is hosted by two independent quizmasters from Southwest Florida, Lee Breshnyda (Know Nonsense Trivia) and Marc Davis (Nice Guys Pizza Trivia).


Title Date published
Episode 257: Sea Upon Sea Music Factory 2023-09-25
Episode 256: Post Mowlawn 2023-09-11
Episode 255: Slort 2023-08-22
Episode 254: Old Sport 2023-08-15
Episode 253: Trivia Inferno 2023-08-08
Episode 252: 80's Bread 2023-07-30
Episode 251: Turn Into A Dragon 2023-07-13
Episode 250: Brooklyn Limes 2023-07-02
Episode 249: Stephen Lambshanc 2023-06-23
Episode 248: Soupified 2023-06-11
Episode 247: Welcome Back 2023-05-23
Episode 246: Bone Nubbins 2023-05-15
Episode 245: Garlic Bread 2023-05-07
Episode 244: The Sethford Wives 2023-04-28
Episode 243: The KnowNo Files 2023-04-18
The New Old Appearance 2023-04-01
Episode 242: The Backgammon Song 2023-03-24
Episode 241: French Brakery 2023-03-17
Episode 240: The Fifth Wives Club 2023-03-12
Episode 239: MarcRib 2023-03-05

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