Hello and welcome to the Linux Spotlight. This show is dedicated to showing off the best thing about Linux, the community... which is made up of Developers, Distro maintainers, Linux Personality’s and Everyday users. Each one plays a vital role in our community and the goal is to have a discussion with each individual about their journey into Linux and beyond. Find out more at https://linuxspotlight.com Join me now as we turn the spotlight on!


Title Date published
Linux Spotlight EP54 - Monica Ayhens Madon 2020-06-24
Linux Spotlight EP53 - Marc Di Luzio 2020-06-17
Linux Spotlight EP52 - Robbie Ferguson of Category5.TV 2020-06-10
Linux Spotlight EP51 - Joe Ressington of Late Night Linux 2020-06-03
Linux Spotlight EP50 - Leo Chavez of MintCast 2020-05-27
Linux Spotlight EP49 - Venn Stone of LinuxGameCast 2020-05-20
Linux Spotlight EP48 - Chris Were 2020-05-13
Linux Spotlight EP47 - Dan Johansen of Manjaro Arm 2020-05-06
Linux Spotlight EP46 - Alex Kretzschmar of Self Hosted 2020-04-29
Linux Spotlight EP45 - Shane Kitt of Linux Lads Podcast 2020-04-22
Linux Spotlight EP44 - Drew DeVore of Jupiter Broadcasting 2020-04-15
Linux Spotlight EP43 - Tyler Brown 2020-04-08
Linux Spotlight EP42 - Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical 2020-04-01
Linux Spotlight EP41 - Eric Londo of Linux++ 2020-03-25
Linux Spotlight EP40 - Dolphin Oracle of MX Linux 2020-03-18
Linux Spotlight EP39 - Larry Bushey of Going Linux 2020-03-11
Linux Spotlight EP38 - Jacob Roecker of Parking Thought 2020-03-04
Linux Spotlight EP37 - Matt of Dark1 Linux, Tech, Gaming 2020-02-19
Linux Spotlight EP36 - Uri Herrera of NitruxOS 2020-02-12
Linux Spotlight EP35 - Nick Stouff of The Linux Experiment 2020-02-05

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