Four women historians, a world of history to unearth. Can you dig it?


Title Date published
Slave, Contraband, Refugee: The Complicated Story of the End of Slavery in the United States 2020-01-27
Bittersweet: Sugar, Slavery, Empire and Consumerism in the Atlantic World 2020-01-20
Frankenstein's Monster: Science, Revolution and Romanticism in the Age of the Enlightenment 2020-01-13
100 Years of Woman Suffrage 2020-01-06
La Petite Mort: Investigating the History of Orgasm, aka The Little Death 2019-12-09
Amy Robsart, Lady Dudley: The Death that Launched a Thousand Rumors 2019-12-02
The Black Death: Dancing with Death in the Medieval World 2019-11-24
Cult of the Dead: Anglo American Death Practices, Spiritualism, and Speaking with the Dead 2019-11-18
For Heart and Hearth… and the Rights of Women: Radical Christianity in Pursuit of Conservative Ends in the Nineteenth Century 2019-10-21
Dancing Toward Wounded Knee: The Hope and Tragedy of the Ghost Dance Religion 2019-10-14
Duggie Mack, the Jamaican Delegation to Ethiopia, and the Rastafarian Movement 2019-09-30
Wound Worship, “Enthusiasts" and "Sodomites”: A History of Radical Moravians 2019-09-23
What’s In a Name? : North American Naming Conventions and the “Death” of Patrilineal Lines 2019-08-26
Masculinity, Magic & the Meaning of Impotence in Patriarchal Societies of the Past 2019-08-19
Papa Can You Hear Me? Fatherhood in 19th century US and Britain 2019-08-12
Patriarchs, Brawlers, and Gentlemen: Manhood in the Civil War Era 2019-08-05
Secret Societies of Sapphos: Faro Ladies, Bluestockings, and Gendered Insults of Women’s Societies in 18th- and 19th-Century Britain 2019-07-08
Fragile Masculinity, Playing Indian, and Mechanical Goats: Fraternal Orders in the 19th Century US 2019-07-01
Who Else but the Illuminati? Conspiracy Theories, French Revolutions, and Historian Heroes 2019-06-24
Order of Assassins: Myth & Memory of the Nizari in Medieval Iran and Syria 2019-06-17

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