Stu Burguiere dissects and debunks leftist propaganda with a lethal blend of wit, wisdom, and mockery.


Title Date published
Ep 340 | The State of Texas and the Supreme Court Declare War on Abortion | Guest: Josh Hammer 2021-09-02
Ep 339 | A New Refugee Crisis, the Battle for Texas' Children, and Glenn Beck's Loss of Sanity Over Biden | Guest: Glenn Beck 2021-09-01
Ep 338 | Joe Biden's Afghanistan: War Not so Much 'Ended' but 'Retreated From' | Guest: Jason Buttrill 2021-08-31
Ep 337 | Bill Maher's Take on Afghanistan: Actually ... Coherent?! | Guest: Alex Epstein 2021-08-30
Ep 336 | Joe Biden's Afghanistan Bungling: Where Did the Errors Begin? | Guest: Spencer Coursen 2021-08-27
Ep 335 | ISIS Is Back and American Soldiers Are Dead: The Consequences of Biden | Guest: Chad Wolf 2021-08-26
Ep 334 | The Removal of Biden: Afghanistan Failures Enough to Justify Expulsion from Office? | Guest: Dan Andros 2021-08-25
Ep 333 | The End of Cuomo: Have We Truly Seen the Last of This AWFUL Governor? | Guest: Janice Dean 2021-08-24
Ep 332 | Afghanistan & COVID-19: What You Missed This Weekend | Guest: Adam Andrzejewski 2021-08-23
Ep 331 | The Afghanistan Evacuation Debacle: An American Embarrassment 2021-08-20
Ep 330 | Biden's Raging Denial: Not Even the Media Is Covering For Him Anymore | Guest: Rob Eno 2021-08-19
Ep 329 | COVID-19: The Delta Variant Rises — What Do We Know? | Guest: Jason Killmeyer & Jason Buttrill 2021-08-18
Ep 328 | 'Taliban Joe' and His Awful Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan Continue to Devastate | Guest: John Ziegler 2021-08-17
Ep 327 | Joe Biden's Afghanistan Failure: He Couldn't Have Bungled This More if He'd Tried | Guest: Jason Buttrill 2021-08-16
Ep 326 | The Afghanistan Disaster: Stu and Brad Thor Break Down the Breakdown| Guests: Brad Thor & Andrew Wilkow 2021-08-13
Ep 325 | Stu and Megyn Kelly Ponder the Smoldering Ashes of Andrew Cuomo's Career | Guest: Paul Jossey 2021-08-12
Ep 324 | THE TIME HAS FINALLY ARRIVED: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns in Disgrace | Guest: Glenn Beck 2021-08-11
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Resigns at Long Last… but What is Next? 2021-08-10
The Democrats are Done with Andrew Cuomo 2021-08-04
Ep 323 | Andrew Cuomo's Sexual Harassment: The Report Is Out, Will He Do the Right Thing and Resign? 2021-08-03

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