<p>Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer and get analysis from writers Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, Heath Cummings and the rest of our crew throughout the year. Start or Sit, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and plenty of your emails. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.</p>


Title Date published
09/22 BONUS: Mailbag and DFS advice (Recorded Fri.) 2018-09-22
09/21: Start or Sit (NFC); NYJ-CLE Recap (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-21
09/20: Start or Sit (AFC); Buy High Candidates (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-20
09/19: Trade Talk; Regulators; NYJ-CLE (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-19
09/18: Waiver Wire; Gordon Trade (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-18
09/16: Week 2 Recap - Mahomes, Fitzpatrick and More Standouts (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-17
09/15 BONUS: Mailbag! Plus Coleman, Mixon and More (Recorded Fri.) 2018-09-15
09/14: Start or Sit (NFC); CIN-BAL Recap; Week 3 Lookahead (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-14
09/13: Start or Sit (AFC); Buy or Sell (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-13
09/12: Buy Low/Sell High; PIT RBs; Regulators; BAL-CIN (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-12
09/11: Waiver Wire (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-11
09/09: Week 1 Recap: Trade Conner? Buy Mahomes? Sell A.P.? (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-10
09/08 BONUS: Mailbag and DFS Advice (Recorded Fri.) 2018-09-08
09/07:Start or Sit (NFC); ATL-PHI Recap (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-07
09/06: Le'Veon Trades, Start or Sit (AFC), Superlatives (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-06
09/05: Bold Predictions, Regulators, ATL-PHI (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-05
09/04: Bell, McKinnon, Waivers and More! (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-09-04
09/01 BONUS: Dynasty Talk and Mailbag (Recorded Fri.) 2018-09-01
08/31: Schedule Analysis; ADP Review; ADP on Other Sites (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-08-31
08/30: Position Recaps; Upsideometer! (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2018-08-30

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