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Title Date published
07/29: Green, Kerryon, Tate and More Big News (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-29
07/26: Quirky RB Strategy; Regulators; Busts (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-26
07/25: Live Draft! 12-Team Superflex, 3-WR (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-25
07/24: #1 Pick; Breakouts; Regulators! (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-24
07/23: Absurd ADP, Fun QB Strategy, Sleepers (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-23
07/22: Five Fun Questions; Dynasty Talk; Draft Strategies by Format (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-22
07/19: Tyreek Reaction - All Angles of the Big News (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-19
07/18: Player Debates and Training Camp Storylines (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-18
07/16: Rankings Updates and Mailbag! (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-16
07/15: Le'Veon Analysis; PPR Mock Questions; Best Ball Sleepers (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-15
07/11: McCaffrey a Bust? Gordon a Holdout? Plus Rankings Disputes! 2019-07-11
07/09: Davante Adams Talk, Bills RBs, Fill in the Blank (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-09
07/08: Startup Dynasty Thoughts; Vegas Odds; Melvin Gordon Analysis (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-08
07/04: Projections Week! AFC West and NFC West (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-04
07/03: Projections Weeks! AFC South and NFC South (Fantasy Baseball Podcast) 2019-07-03
07/02: Projections Week! AFC East and NFC East (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-02
07/01: Projections Week! AFC North and NFC North (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-07-01
06/28: Aggressive Auction Strategy; Year 3 Breakout WRs (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-06-27
06/27: Conner Discussion and Our First Ever Call-In Show! (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-06-26
06/24: Heath's Busts; Drafting From the 8th Spot (Fantasy Football Podcast) 2019-06-24

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