Since its debut in 1992, Money Matters was created to deliver objective and timely financial advice on WSB, Atlanta's legendary, award-winning news/talk radio station. Now, in addition to airing weekly on WSB, Money Matters is available as a podcast, tailor-made for both modern retirees and those still in the planning stages. Hosted since 2009 by Wes Moss — CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, best-selling author, Forbes contributor, and managing partner at Capital Investment Advisors in Atlanta — and backed by the Retire Sooner Team, the Money Matters podcast aims to continue the show's legacy of demystifying retirement finances. From dissecting the latest financial news to offering personalized answers to listener questions, the goal of Money Matters is to keep you informed and empowered. Our focus? Providing clear, actionable advice without the financial jargon to help 1 million families retire sooner and happier. Join us in this exciting new chapter, and let's journey toward a financially secure and joyful retirement together.


Title Date published
401(k) Investor Profiles, Bias, Rebalancing, The Russell 2000 Index, and a Taco Bell Retirement Community 2024-07-21
Summer Travel, Disney, Apples, Inflation, Disinflation, and Participation vs. Perfection 2024-07-16
7/9/27 -- A 6% Withdrawal Rate: Crazy or Possible? / How To Stay Young As We Age with Doctor Dawn Carr 2024-07-09
Financial Freedom for Expats / You May Be Able To Retire One (Or Five) Years Sooner 2024-07-02
Roger Federer And The Economy 2024-06-25
Hotlanta, Consumer Prices, Waffle House, And Dividends As Cash For Retirement 2024-06-18
Tesla, Misery Index, NBA Salaries, And Market History vs. Elections 2024-06-11
T+1 Settlement, Q1 Earnings, Retirement Tips, Scams, Loneliness, and Happiness. 2024-06-04
Nvidia, Fed Minutes, Birth Rates, and Florida Housekeepers 2024-05-28
CPI Report, Best Summer Travel Destinations, And One Small Shift Could Make A $2 Million Difference 2024-05-21
Warren Buffett, Online vs. Brick-And-Mortar, Chick-fil-A, and Collegial Family Principles 2024-05-14
Jerome Powell’s Words, Dave & Buster’s Vibes, And Window Shopping For Retirement Withdrawal Rates 2024-05-07
Please Won’t You Be My Financially Prohibitive Neighbor? 2024-04-30
Spinach In The Candy Bowl, Jerome Powell On A Wheaties Box, And The Fed’s Interest Rate Delay 2024-04-23
The Masters, Inflation, Tax Day, Markets Broadening, Baby Boomers, and Magic Retirement Numbers 2024-04-16
Caitlin Clark, Taxing Gen Zers Pay, Nest Eggs, Baby Boomers, Ray Dalio, and Max’ing Out Retirement Without Running Out 2024-04-09
Bananas, McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, and Broadening the Rally 2024-04-02
Farm-aceuticals And How Food Impacts Health with Dr. William Li 2024-03-26
Inflation, COVID Lessons, Microsoft, And Economic Cognitive Dissonance 2024-03-19
How To Maximize Social Security And Medicare With Mary Beth Franklin 2024-03-12

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