Marginalized voices have always been at the forefront of the internet, yet our stories often go overlooked. Bridget Todd chronicles our experiences online, and the ways marginalized voices have shaped the internet from the very beginning. We need monuments to all of the identities that make being online what it is. So let’s build them.


Title Date published
DISINFORMED: What that SNL skit on Black folks and vaccines got wrong 2021-04-09
So you’re the target of an online hate campaign. Now what? 2021-04-06
Why everyone is mad at Jimmy Fallon and Addison Rae 2021-04-02
DISINFORMED: In Georgia, disinformation is now law 2021-03-30
DISINFORMED: Tech CEOs testify before Congress + Carrie Goldberg on Section 230 2021-03-26
DISINFORMED: Understanding Section 230 with Evan Greer 2021-03-23
There Are No Girls on the Internet x Stuff Mom Never Told You 2021-03-19
DISINFORMED: The Future of the Internet with Sydette Harry 2021-03-16
How Estella’s Brilliant Bus is bridging the digital divide + Bridget’s Birthday 2021-03-13
DISINFORMED: Meghan Markle has been the target of a racist harassment campaign 2021-03-10
DISINFORMED: What Vanessa Guillen can teach us about disinformation 2021-03-05
DISINFORMED: Meet the activist using data science to fights Nazis 2021-03-03
DISINFORMED: Republicans are leaning into transphobia 2021-02-26
DISINFORMED: Immigrant communities are facing a flood of disinformation 2021-02-24
DISINFORMED: Facebook’s bans news in Australia is silencing activists 2021-02-21
Pay Us What You Owe: Why Black Women in Tech are Tired 2021-02-17
DISINFORMED: Slowing down on Social Media 2021-02-13
DISINFORMED: Is kicking Trump off Twitter censorship? (Spoiler: IT’S NOT) 2021-02-09
DISINFORMED: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing a coordinated disinfo attack 2021-02-06
DISINFORMED: Why "Jewish Space Lasers" are no laughing matter 2021-02-02

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